WELCOME TO WANO! RogersBase Performs Animal Crossing New Horizons for the First Time


Animal Crossing New Horizons is finally here! Tom Nook is sending us to Wano! Join me as I build my town and experience my first day in New Horizons!

Date: May 22, 2020

31 thoughts on “WELCOME TO WANO! RogersBase Performs Animal Crossing New Horizons for the First Time

  1. Saw this live and was stunned cause I’ve never played it before and I FINALLY GOT IT I’m loving it right now and I ended up getting pirate commander rod too! Thanks for putting me on to this game looking forward to the rest of you animal crossing streams ace! Have a great day if you see this Nakama!!!!

  2. u really should time travel on day one of playing the game at least in new horizon, otherwise u can't use the airport, u won't have your house or the museum. once u get those and open the airport i think its absolutely fine to not time travel but the way they make u wait a real life day just to get your house and airport and 3 days for the museum is kind of restricting what u can do when u start the game

  3. Just seen you play hide and seek with a bunch of people and I’m hooked only thing I know about animal crossing was playing it at walmart or target back in the day when they had the systems just there and that stupid mole would never leave the screen no matter what and I was like screw this but the game looks pretty interesting Getting it this week

  4. I know irs out of the blue what I'm going to ask you but please Roger you need to make a stream of Trial of mana for the switch !! 😲😲 oh my god you going to love it I swear god I'm buying that game for sure please Roger! 😎😎😎😁😁😁

  5. My wife made an island before me on my Switch while I was at work. Now when launching on my Nintendo account, I’m not allowed to start my own island, I’m stuck having to join hers. Is this a bug or what?

  6. I've never played any Animal Crossing games, but have heard tons about them through friends and creators. Roger-senchou will be my first intro to this game. Glad to be here on this flight😋

  7. Finaly!!! Some good flapin' food. This is going to be amazing. Much needed because work is garbage right now. Horrible time for truckers. But i'll do my best. This is going to keep me sane.

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