Toe To Toe – Official US Trailer


Available now on DVD! Directed by Emily …

Date: February 16, 2020

39 thoughts on “Toe To Toe – Official US Trailer

  1. The cinematography is beautiful, raw, and intense. It's actually pretty realistic and gritty. One of the reasons why I hail this movie, it's definitely an indie/independent film. & Yes some people won't get it after they watch it.

  2. I actually have watched it numerous times, bought the DVD and everything. I am a director so I said "indie" to emphasize that they are unique and can either be really bad or really good. This one was really good. Indie films are breaking through. That was my point.

  3. one of the ciritcs in this ad (melissa silverstein, the huffington post) said that Toe-to-Toe is unafraid to be challenging and deal with issues that most films skirt….I find this hard to believe…first you would have to presume to know the intentions of many films that supposedly skirt w/e issues she is talking about…2ndly it is insinuates originality as well as saying the movie is bolder than others of it's kind….idk I think she should have re-worded her quote…that is my opinion

  4. @Daniel91LC THIS is boring and cliched? as opposed to all the othe BRING IT ON, DEAR JOHN, TWILIGHT teen movies coming out, THIS LOOKS cliched?

    i'd like to hear a good character developed teen coming of age movie in the recent past?

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