This Combo is ELITE (Apex Legends PC w/ Controller)


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Date: May 22, 2020

43 thoughts on “This Combo is ELITE (Apex Legends PC w/ Controller)

  1. Just getting back too playing apex again on Xbox! You one of my favorites too watch play! Glad too see you still grinding after not watching for the last 2 months or so

  2. Hey cal! You got any tips to get used to the aim assist on pc? I feel like it slows down my sens MORE than on console, which makes me miss a lot of shots. What do you think about it?

  3. 9:08, teammates like this piss me off. Like there was so much he could’ve done that fight. I’m surprised he even got that one shot guy knocked. Like either they push alone and die, or they don’t push when you push and let you do all the work.

  4. That last team really camping high ground like that in pubs and immediately tp out when they get pushed by one guy. I would’ve tbagged the shit out of that squad.

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