The WORST Champion RELEASES In League of Legends Historical past


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Exil covers the WORST champion releases in league of legends history.

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Date: November 14, 2019

38 thoughts on “The WORST Champion RELEASES In League of Legends Historical past

  1. 2 things still hold true

    Bard’s release was soooo bad that even the people trying to claim he was decent you just had to be good were laughed at and the most common joke was “what is bard without his trolly ass r?” “bad”

    and that people still think old fiora was ridiculous, she was a low elo monster but after plat that champion was so laughably useless it was funny

  2. Worst release? Since I started playing in season 7… My answer is Zoe.. Not only was she annoying af. .. But it felt like Disney was responsible for the champion design 😂 which was kind of gay.
    Edgiest release ever was reworked swain though… 👌👌

  3. wtf? yasou was broken as hell when he got released. i rember people playing the champ during release week going straight 1 v 5 and won…not only once but litteraly every game. his q was stackable without hitting anything so you could always stack it up and use it to engage.

  4. I was there for the broken champion that was skarners madness had a 73% win rate with him after never playing him before and just spammed him so I didn’t have to play against him or anything of the other broken juggernaut style junglers at the time. Was super free

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