The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo – US Theatrical Trailer HD


Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared from a family gathering on the island owned and inhabited by the powerful Vanger clan. Her body was never found, …

Date: February 15, 2020

50 thoughts on “The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo – US Theatrical Trailer HD

  1. I liked both adaptations, they were both really good movies & are both very well made, in saying that however I felt that as good as Noomi Rapace was at capturing who Lisbeth is as a person she didn't really look how Lisbeth was described in the book. Noomi Rapace looked like she was about 27 & is of average height for a woman, but Lisbeth is described in the book as being not even 5 foot tall with a face so youthful you'd think she was a child of 15 & not a young woman in her mid to late 20s. Rooney Mara on the other hand not only got the character right she even looked just like how Lisbeth was described in the book. As for the guy who played Mikel Blomkvist in the Sweedish version, again he's a good actor but he was nothing like how Mikel was described. In the book he's described as being very fit, really good looking for his age, light haired & a bit of a ladies man, I think Daniel Craig definately fit that description more then the guy in the Sweedish version. It's a shame David Fincher's not been given the chance to make the sequels as his version of the first book was so good I'm curious how he would have gone about adapting the sequels.

  2. I prefer the real people in Swedish version, not those super polished and perfect holliwoodians. Michael has so much charm and charisma, he does not need to be like Craig.

  3. @mariekevv93 Fine, it's the author's reps who sold the rights then. Doesn't really matter, my point was that different directors will have a different vision of the story, and it doesn't make any less legit whether it was in English or in Swedish.
    And I speak German and Chinese, so don't call me too lazy to learn a language.

  4. @SailorSaturn69 It's not a remake per se. It is another adaptation of the book, and from what I've read, it's director David Fincher wants to be as faithful to the book as possible.
    I for one am pumped for it. I think it looks great and I've heard good things about it.

  5. Didn't see the original or read the books, but the new film is great. It doesn't bother me that it was a remake in English. They still used Sweden as the setting, and the actors seemed sincere in telling the story. Sometimes a director simply has a different vision. It's not like Daniel Craig is that big of a draw, folks. If y 'all are going to complain, criticize the book's author, who must have had the movie rights and resold them.

  6. It's not really the same reason though is it? A book HAS to be translated into various different languages because the only medium of engaging with the story is text. With a movie…well, the vast majority of the world watches English language movies with subtitles and don't demand that the film is remade in their own language. It's a peculiar arrogance of the English speaking world that we'll happily watch a remake that isn't as good as the original just because we refuse to read subtitles.

  7. @SailorSaturn69 Some people dont want to read sub-titles while watching a movie. Great books and I think its great they are being remade for other audiences… Just means more people will get to experience it ….and probably watch the original after seeing the remake too.

  8. @SailorSaturn69 I am all for watching certain movies in their native language as I enjoy watching Anime too and I do agree with you if it is quality dubbed then it is worth while but we seem to get shitty dubs in the US =(

  9. @xyPERSON Its not going to be crap. He/she just thinks theyre cool because they can watch a foriegn film and claim that the only reason people dont like it is because they dont like reading subtitles. (It cant possibly be because this version totally fucked the books up, right?)

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