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Roblox Arsenal Code
Arsenal Codes – Full List
Newest Arsenal Code
BLOXY: Use this code to earn 4,000 bucks
ANNA: Use this code to earn the skin Anna
Valid & Active Codes
There are the valid and active codes:

FLAMINGO: Use this code to earn the sound Flamingo
KITTEN: Use this code to earn the sound Kitten
JOHN: Use this code to earn the sound John
EPRIKA: Use this code to earn the Butterfly Knife
ROLVE: Use this code to earn a new skin for your character
POKE: Use this code to earn the sound Poke
CBROX: Use this code to earn the Phoenix Skin
PET: Use this code to earn a new sound
So, a couple of skins, one knife and 4 sounds or voice packs, but use the codes before they expire

3 Time 2019 Bloxy Winner! Thank you all!

Win by getting a kill with the golden knife, race to the golden knife by getting kills/assists.

Arsenal now supports R15, Gamepad, Mobile and has plenty of new and wacky weapons to fight your way to the top with!

Shop resets daily. New items always in rotation!

Welcome to the Arsenal Wiki
An unofficial wikia for the ROBLOX game Arsenal, made by ROLVe.
Arsenal has a community discord! Come check it out here.
See all of our wiki contributors here.

Arsenal Map Hub
Maps are all the areas that Arsenal players fight and battle in. As of right now, there are 14 standard maps in use, with 4 additional for the Brickbattle mode, and 6 additional maps having been removed. Some of them are locked to the 2 teams mode, such as Dizzy and Sandtown.


Arsenal Trailer

Arsenal Code Nov


Arsenal Weapon Hub

Hub for all of the Arsenal weapon pages. 95 weapons are used in All modes (Including the Knife, Golden Knife, Golden Gun and Brickbattle Weapons). Weapon names in green are exclusive to ROLVe staff, which were all removed. Weapon names in red are non-staff-weapons which were removed from the game starting at version 1.0. The Old Arsenal tab is for weapons found in the archived version of Arsenal.

Anarchist is a reference to the Anarchist faction in CS:GO.
Snake Eater is a reference to Naked Snake, also known as “Big Boss” from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
Cthulhu is a reference to the fictional creature created by H. P. Lovecraft.
John Brick is a pun and reference to the assassin John Wick from the John Wick franchise.
The One is a reference to Neo from The Matrix, who was nicknamed The One.
Ace Pilot is a reference to 02 from the anime Darling in the Franxx.
Brickbattle is based on the appearance of the classic character
Pizza Boy is a reference to the main mascot of Work At A Pizza Place.
Flanker, Arsonist, Annihilator, Brute, Mechanic, Doctor, The Trooper, The Marksman and Agent are references to their respective classes in Typical Colors 2.
However, the Arsonist appears to be wearing the Tough Metal, whilst The Trooper is wearing The Veteran.
Phoenix is based on The Phoenix Faction from CS:GO and the Design is an edited version of the original Phoenix model from Counter-Blox, another Roblox game by the same developers.
Rough Houser is inspired by Jessica Black from Far Cry.
Santa is, of course, based on Santa Claus.
Detective is based on Sherlock Holmes.
Woods is a skin returning from legacy arsenal
Soldier was one of the randomized default skins in the old version of Arsenal, and his signature weapon being the Rocket Launcher is a nod to the primary weapon used by Soldier from Team Fortress 2.
Campbell is based off Ashley “Ash” Joanna Williams–the protagonist of the Evil Dead series–played by Bruce Campbell.
His attached Badge, “Evil no more” (obtained by getting a kill using the double-barrel shotgun with the skin equipped) references Ash’s signature shotgun and his fight against evil.
Plague Doctor is based on the medieval doctors of the Bubonic Plague who today are known as Plague Doctors.
Deadlinquent is a zombified Delinquent.
Slasher is a reference to many horror movies and movie icons revolving around serial murder. Like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and the likes of Jason Voorhees.
Retro Zombie is a reference to

Date: March 25, 2020

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