Remaining Fantasy: The Spirits Inside – Trailer


The year is 2065 and Earth has been taken over by phantom alien forms. An alien infestation inhabits the body of a female doctor who is the center of a global investigtion into espinage by alien invaders. Underlying this futuristic action adventure is a profound story about life, love and humanity. The film is based on the best selling video game. © 2001 Final Fantasy Film Partners. All Rights Reserved.

Date: May 23, 2020

42 thoughts on “Remaining Fantasy: The Spirits Inside – Trailer

  1. Man, this was such a bar-raiser when it came out. Has it really been 18 years?? I friggin' loved this movie – it deserved to do much better than it did at the box office…

  2. First time i saw it in TV (definitely not the premiere one) i was like "Mom, that's my favorite game on movie, can i watc—- wait, that's not Final Fantasy." And goes straight to the bed xD

  3. This was supposed to be a game and IX was supposed to be the movie but they switched it. Part of me thinks IX would have made a better movie and this a better game. The cut scenes and depth in IX were insane. Would have been a clasdsic film now that everyone remembered. Probably thinking about a remake by now i bet.

  4. Back when the film came out, people were scared of this movie. Conan was always uncomfortable to see it, Tom Hanks was paranoid about CGI replacing actors (too bad he said it too soon when he did Polar Express) and audience weren't ready for motion-cap movies. This was no doubt the best looking movie with mo-cap and this came out before all the others and look better. Huh?

  5. And this was this the downfall of square soft and its greatness and the rise of incompetent sqaure enix with huge delays of its games and only 3 final fantasy games since.
    Sqaure soft in 10 years made 10 qaulity final fantasy games which were
    Sqaure enix with the time and resources cant even make 4 in 15 years years

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