Loss of life Stranding Wins the Finest Sport Route Award | The Sport Awards 2019


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Date: May 22, 2020

47 thoughts on “Loss of life Stranding Wins the Finest Sport Route Award | The Sport Awards 2019

  1. If I was a game developer, winning GOTY would be the least of my concerns. I would strive to make the game as best (and in DS' case, unique) of an experience as it can be. I would definitely be more flattered if my game won Best Direction than GOTY.

  2. I think what Kojima actually said is "Suck on deez nutz Konami!"

    Also the one who presented the trophy was the one who voiced Aloy. Sony really looks after its own.

  3. I love the idea of Death stranding and actually hyped when it was announced, but after seeing some gameplay on YouTube, i dont know, it feels like The Order 1886 again. A good looking movie but lacks captivating gameplay. I mean it's a game alright, that's the core of these things.
    But since it's Kojima who got some cult followers, they dont want to shit on it like how it was with The Order, lol

  4. For those who wonder here's the transcript of Kojima speech

    It was started to zeor and start independently 4 years ago

    I am glad to

    If you have a head like Warster Fansler, there is a lamp, a happy, can badge stage

    Not from the beginning

    Sony who got on the bone together and a game that offered the engine

    Then to the ship together

    It was a small ship, but the cast members who were riding together with And all of the testers, the composers and the staff who went over the ship together

    Kojima pro staff and their family members, and above all, for the last four years

    Thanks to all the fans who supported us

    Thank you I think it ’s good

    Boo straker arme arm arm arm sorano way

    4 at Former magazine

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