lets point and laugh some more at Death Stranding the most boring excuse for a video game ever made, lets just face it Death Stranding Sucks fish dicks and will continue to do so for eternity

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❌ WARNING : Loads of “BAD” language. ❌ (sorry for wrong game title, i switch games a lot)

Known for his beautiful other worldly beard this dutch boy is ready to do zhe shtreaming.

❌ WARNING : Loads of ” BAD ” language.

Date: February 15, 2020


  1. Death Stranding is a complicated game.

    The game play is very repetitive & can be boring as yes it is a postal delivery walking simulation.

    Game play set aside… It's story line, & extremely deep philosophical, and spiritual meaning is so deep that unless you have studied the Sumerian Text & Emerald Tablets of Thoth and have a basic understand of quantum physics & String theory, & divine geometry as well as studies in Zen Buddhism & eastern philosophies…. Most of the brain dead sheeple will not get this game, nor will they like this game…

    Let's just say that it's going to go way over most peoples heads who are still asleep & not enlightened.

    For those kiddies we say "Don't worry about it… Don't buy or play Death Stranding, as you are not spirituality mature enough to understand this game.
    Do your self a favour & stick with COD, Fortnight, or PubG."!

    Now to those of us who are seekers of truth & knowledge, who have read & are comprehensive of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth…
    We are very surprised that Death Stranding is not band in every country by our Religious & Government Leaders due to it's storyline.

    Hideo Kojima must have dove deep into our true history of humanities true creation & what really happens when you die & leave your meat modem bodies.

    Enki "AkA the true creator god of humanity" & his son Ningishzida "AkA Jesus, Buddha Hermes, Thoth", cleverly built into us the keys to escaping our prison of this third dimensional reality in our chakra ganglion nodes.

    Kojima clearly has read & a deep understanding of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth… He even uses the terms of Ka & Ba.. The spiritual & physical Duality that makes up the human existence.
    Though in game he calls it Ka & Ha & not Ka & Ba, but it is Ba, mostly it is just a translation of Japanese to Ha.

    Wording set a side the characters still go on in the game storyline to correctly explain the division of the two with Amelie.

    This game dives even deeper & even to the sheeple who are still a sleep & not Awake and aware of the truth about our simulated 3rd dimensional reality prison….
    Forcing them to think & force them to learn how to be more compassionate and Cooperative with their fellow human beings.

    This game will make everyone understand that if we are to ever survive the real sixth Extinction that is happening right now we will all have to come together as one United beings of light of humanity & be more loving and kinder to each other, be more Cooperative, to give up all of our prejudices, religions and all of our governments, and become one United planet of humanity to survive this.

    Death stranding forces the player in the story mode to realize that by helping others you are helping yourself, by being Kinder and more loving to others you are actually being kinder & loving yourself.

    Clearly the BT's & the EE is part of the lower Realms of our reality who follow the dark beings known in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth as the Brotherhood of night.
    Norman Reedus is clearly a son of the light trying to unite Humanity inside the fight to Enlighten everyone and break them free from their prison of the Brotherhood of night.

    I see a lot of the Abrahamic Religion's God "Enlil" , who is the destroyer of all life and all worlds who is in League with the Brotherhood of night those of the lower Realms where he wishes to keep us enslaved, he is being portrayed by Higgs. Troy Baker
    To understand who Enki & Enlil are read Matthew LaCroix's Book: The Illusion of us: The Suppression and Evolution of Human Consciousness".

    In closing ….. death stranding is a philosophical and spiritual masterpiece,…
    even if the gameplay itself is boring and nothing more than a postal delivery walking simulation… but that is what the game is not about.

    It's a training exercise to teach people to be more compassionate more cooperative and more loving, …
    to deeply connect with each other, with nature, and with our realities.

    The walking simulation is to teach us it's not about going from point A to point B,
    it's not about getting to your destination. it's about the journey it takes to get there and the stories that it will create.

    I highly suggest that before anyone plays Death stranding if you want to understand the game First Look up and read Gerald Clark's book: "7th planet Mercury Rising".
    hopefully this will Enlighten you enough to understand the message that is hidden in this masterful game.

    For those of you who read this little essay to the end…. thank you.
    We hope it opens your mind and starts you on a spiritual path to enlightenment.

    Remember to never stop asking questions always look towards the light always seek knowledge and never turn to despair of the brothers of night.

    May we all be more connected & loving & kinder to each other.

  2. Dude, thanks for being honest about this game. Your channel and Saselandia (Spain) are the only ones talking about the truth of this game. The rest of the gaming channels are licking Kojima´s balls, even when they know the game's sales have significantly dropped and knowing the game's physics, animations, mechanics and bosses are glitched or are simply boring beyond belief.

  3. I love the metacritic review they gave wave after wave of how bad this game is in fact the more of those review come the more they exposed how narcicist egomaniac kojima and his cult of fanboys$$$

  4. The last thing I want to see is Hollywood actors/celebrities and product placements in video games. After watching many hours of mind numbing ‘gameplay’, I would never buy this game. No thanks.

  5. I like you bro, you're pretty solid and real. This is the second video I watch from you in the last hour. So naturally, I subscribed. Keep up the great work. You pretty much speak out what's on our minds lol. I'd like to see you succeed.

  6. No wonder Reedus called Kojima a genius in a recent interview. Koji managed to make a game about some crackhead looking guy, walking around, throwing pieces of shits around, and his worshiping cult of fanatics are somehow buying it and calling it revolutionary, willingly getting ripped off. Truly a genius.

  7. This movie/game is all about been some sort of "Pizza Delivery Boy", even one of the character is named "Fragile", another character is named "Die-Hardman"; ["Fragile.. ", "Die Hard..!" Did you GET IT the kind of SILLY AF jokes, that this movie/game has now?] The GOD Kojima is HILARIOUS now, but not in the GOOD way!!!

  8. When the fuck will you state an actual point? You keep saying how shit this and that are, but you never explain why or how. I don't even care about kojima or his new game, and I already disagree with every stupid shit you say in this lazy opportunistic video.

    This channel is cancer…

  9. Man, I have 250 subscriptions, but you are the first who made me to turn on notifications.

    Keep going, stream more often, slightly improve design of your room and you'll be golden! You will start to suck all our eurodollars through Patreon!

    And remove this white halo around you.

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