Does Demise Stranding's PC Port Harm Its PS4 Launch? – Past Episode 614


48 thoughts on “Does Demise Stranding's PC Port Harm Its PS4 Launch? – Past Episode 614

  1. Stop the hate! Lol I’m a little late to this but I wanna say i truly enjoy your guys chats and I like all of IGNs shows. I appreciate your viewpoints and opinions and dont know why IGN gets so much flak. I recently defended IGN’s Death Stranding Review to someone who thought you guys were biased and stupid. I want to know about the bad as well as the good of a game.

  2. This is me leaving a positive comment. I've been listening to beyond for quite some time now probably around episode 400-500 and over the years I've really enjoyed this show and listening to you guy's perspective on games. You guys have given me quality content to listen to for awhile now and I really appreciate it keep up the great work! As far as constructive criticism goes generally I kind of struggle to hear Jonathan compared to everyone else because he speaks fast, quieter, and he doesn't anunciate words as clearly as everyone else. It could just be me though and Jonathan is still doing a great job overall. Happy holidays and great job and thank you once again!

  3. Hey folks, just wanna say that you guys are excellent and seem like top blokes. I watch/listen to every episode and drive my wife mad by blasting you throughout the house while I'm in the shower or pottering about. So….She hates you lol. But you can't please everyone and I love you! Keep up the good work!

  4. Beyond!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the great job. Yes, indeed there is a silent majority. I know lots of people that really enjoy your content, but definitely consume it in a passive way. Please continue to do what you do and thank you.

  5. Thank you for doing this podcast! Jonathon & Max, you guys crushed it. And I have to say that all 4 of you (Jonathon, Max, Lucy, and Brian) are my favorite podcast team!

  6. I started Beyond when Max was the host so no idea about the Greg dude 😀 But Johnathan is cool too. He sounds like your gamer friends who's always excited to tell you gaming stuff. Good job guys!

  7. Always listen in podcast form, so never send in a comment here. I am part of the silent majority. Love the show. I play 8% of the games mentioned as i have a demanding job and two little ones, but love to hear what is going on with the PS. Hope to catch-up on my PS gaming in about 15 years. Until then, please keep up the great job of keeping me in the loop. Also, love memory card Johnathan, you could do like a holiday special edition just on memory cards. (with spiked eggnog).Brian and Lucy are great. Could we swap out Max for his wife (JK).

  8. I don’t even really play on my PS4, I play on Xbox mainly but I listen to Beyond every week because of the people on the show. Jonathon is doing a great job hosting, Lucy a brillant voice and Max and Brian I’ve been following for years. So keep up the great work!

  9. People that are saying that this game was the reason they bought a PS4 Pro… now that you know it's coming out on PC and you know it's going to be better there, use that same energy and buy a fucking PC and shut up.

  10. Sony's fanbois are a special kind of stupid. I've seen so many crazy people tweeting at Sony being IRATE that the game is not only gonna be on their platform. Good job defending the multinational multi-billion dollar company you twats.

  11. I make sure to like every one of your videos on YouTube guys. I want you know Max that I listen to all of these IGN shows constantly along with a bunch of other gaming shows on YouTube and Apple Podcasts and I think you folks are among the most insightful and interesting ones out there! I’m so in awe of your jobs and lives and you inspire me to follow my dreams! The Comedy Button rules too! Beyond!

  12. In regards to the ending of PS Vue…I wonder what’s going on at Sony…They’re cancelling Vue, Shawn Layden left, also read that they are switching banks for the PlayStation Visa credit cards….wonder what other changes are coming

  13. I am one of the silent majority who loves what IGN does and Beyond in particular, you do a great job.

    I'll never understand those idiots in the comments who seem to be camped there permanently just to badmouth a site they claim is irrelevant. If they truly feel that way surely they can find some better use for their time!

  14. I’ve always enjoyed listening to the show before i had a ps4 . Now that I have one I can relate and get more out of the discussions. You guys are great and I think you are a great host Jonathan .

  15. Hi Beyond crew. Every one of you have done a great job over the years. Max, you're one of my favourite members and did great as host. Jonathan you're great too 😉. I've watched since Greg's days and things change but you've all done great.

    There's less criticism on this show so it balances my views against those who report more on the problems and issues in the industry. You're also a lot of fun. 😁

  16. Hi Max and Jonathan listened to the pod cast and have come all the way to YouTube to say you guys rock keep up the great work.

    From Sean and his box Max in the UK

  17. Only just caught the show on a dark Friday evening in the north of England and, as ever, you've provided a warm and entertaining show on my favourite pastime. I know you take a lot of flack from some people but you provide a lot of joy to many more so keep up the good work. See you next week.

  18. It's a rare day as. well, first I listen on Spotify but second I don't often comment on YT because, like you guys said, the comments section is pretty horrible. No idea why, bored kids? Dunno.

    But hey, your show is awesome, I listen every week without fail during my commute and you guys nail it every time.

    Mario 64's penguin IS scary.

    Your silent majority(/half) love what you do, never change

  19. Keep up the great podcast! I have only been listening to the various IGN podcasts for about a year and a half but Beyond is my favorite. I always find you have great insight and discussions into the different aspects of video game culture. While I don't get to sit around and talk to others about my passion for video games anymore with others (i'm older and a father), listening to your podcast gives me an opportunity to do just that. Johnathan you are a great host!

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