Demise Stranding LAUNCH TRAILER!! (Spoilers!) | REACTION


My reaction to today’s launch trailer for Death Stranding, the Paris one. Okay?


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This Death Stranding trailer reaction was so crazy. Hyper. This game has been spoiled a bit, some leaks were true, be careful out there! Many theories being proven right! Now Conan is in! Conan O’Brien!

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Date: February 13, 2020

14 thoughts on “Demise Stranding LAUNCH TRAILER!! (Spoilers!) | REACTION”

  1. at 3:39 "clingy women in a cave" so that happened after sam ran into Fragile in the other trailer ! same place where she holds sam to protect him from BT ! , the whole old amelie waiting for sam and then sam standing in front of beach are all giving me interstellar vibes ! , BB is shot now and it seems like Amelie is sams wife , and she has red heels , alot more hints towards P.T , i cannot wait !

  2. dude its crazy , i had the same reaction when i first watched this ! im realizing , everyone who has been carefully following this journey of exploring and researching each trailer and looking at everything kojima puts out has a different reaction than the people who barely watch anything , like i have been looking into this game since the reveal trailer and since then i didnt miss one trailer , i looked at the full gameplay multiple times , and everyone who has done this seems really excited and shocked by this trailer , but people who didnt watch all the trailers and didnt really look into anything dont realy have that shocking of a reaction , like theres actually people who figure out mads mikkelson is in this game only after watching this trailer you know what i mean? 😀 , kojima is playing mind games !!!

  3. sound of the rocket? remember what Mads was telling BB in the other trailer? "you will have a while wide world to explore, you can go wherever you want…. even the moon" 🙂

  4. You are the most enthusiastic DS fan I have seen on YouTube. So glad to see another person in awe of being confused, like me. Great reaction and video! Just 8 days away!! Will you be doing a playthrough of DS on here?

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