Dax – JOKER (Official Music Video)


Cyberbuylling Kills… https://www.joinmycircus.com/ Share if you can relate. Click here to listen: http://smarturl.it/DAX_JOKER Follow Dax: @thatsdax Shot By: …

Date: May 23, 2020

42 thoughts on “Dax – JOKER (Official Music Video)

  1. Amazing song with an amazing message. I’m going to be honest, I won’t lie, I didn’t like dax at first, when he had beef with ksi etc. But now that I’ve looked on his channel and seen what he’s truly like? He’s a good man, with true talent. Keep it up. The haters are just a herd of sheep with no brain. I feel like with the beef and everyone going against dax, this song comes from the heart and true feelings from the past or maybe even now. We need to make sure he’s okay. Amazing song. Amazing message. Keep it up. #cyberbullyingkills #stopcyberbullying

  2. do a DAX film project , please Mr Dax – do it -me was almost driven over by a car – luck one I was – it was a police car and the bike was stolen – boy did I break – they never got out of that car – that was luck – not to live – maybe too – I sniffed some female feet and i loved it – i heard your musik and I love it – so, I guess , you might state … lucky I wasn't run over

  3. Read this with the song:Dax I listened your song 14 times and i think you can understand this, I can't believe that in 2020 still exist this problems, the racism , the problems with women's rights, the Cyberbullying is new for me and other more Is just Pathetic. I don't care If U are Black or White what is the difference? WE ARE SOOO STUPID IF WE STILL BELIEVE THIS SHIT, WE ARE HUMANS.
    So FUCK THOSE WITH THIS PROBLEMS. And Dax I'm honest with you I don't care what is going on with your Life. U MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. I just like your songs, I don't know you and you don't know me. NEVER THINK THAT THE PEOPLE TRULY LOVE YOU from social media because that's a lie. And yeah I am 15 years old and I think I am wiser than some adults people, the photo is just me with a fake beard.

  4. You are an absolute legend. Too many people are fake in this world. Always talking shit behind your back. Nobody cares about anyone else except when THEY benefit. And the worst part is…? Its getting worser every single day.

    PS i really liked the song 😍

  5. Keep doing what youre doing, youre getting better day by day, ive knew you since 2017 and your lyrics improved by alot. And by the way greetings from Lithuania whoever is listening to this song

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