Animal Crossing: New Horizons On-line Multiplayer REVIEW


28 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons On-line Multiplayer REVIEW

  1. He didn't talk about the greatest thing in the multiplayer
    That makes meming so much fun, i've been having so much fun doing bullshit while playing with friends

  2. I really don't find online to really be worth it besides looking at what each other is doing with their islands. If there were activities to do like mini games or something it would be way better.

    Play putt putt golf!
    Shoot basketball!
    Play a game of soccer!

    Instead of just looking at these objects

  3. As of right now I think I love online play as much as New Leaf. It’s fun to visit and invite others to your island. However I wish the game had better loading times and less errors.

  4. People are able to visit my island just fine but my internet crashes every single time I try to visit someone else. And it’s always during the airplane loading screen.

    I don’t get it. My internet connection is fine. Ive checked it and reset it numerous times and even tried different networks.

    Nothing works. I can’t visit anyone.

  5. I really enjoy this game, but the online function and friends list really need to get improving. The friend list is really useless, unless they are in best friend list.

  6. my only wish is that when people join an island it doesnt freeze people and force you into a loading screen. just let the people on the island relax and play while people arrive

  7. I love the online a lot. The only thing I would really like to see back is Tortimer Island since you can do the different mini games with your friends and earn exclusive prizes. I do see a Dock on the side of my island, so maybe we could see it as future DLC?

  8. I wish we had more to do with friends like at least visiting the mystery islands with friends. I don’t see why you can’t do that it would’ve been so fun to go nuts with my friend

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