Animal Crossing | Bubblegum Ok.Ok (Music Field)【Jayn】


My music box arrangement of ‘Bubblegum K.K.’ from Animal Crossing! It’s been so long since a song inspired me enough to make a solo music box … but I’ve …

Date: May 22, 2020

47 thoughts on “Animal Crossing | Bubblegum Ok.Ok (Music Field)【Jayn】

  1. When the bubblegum pops, I want you to smile
    Remember every good time
    We had when skies were grey
    Oh, Bubblegum dear, why are you crying?
    I’ll never let them take, my Bubblegum away
    And when the skies are all blue
    All I can think about is me and you
    The world lights at your smile
    And shines at the sound of your laugh
    Oh my Bubblegum dear, I just want to see you again

  2. Jayn i'm not sure if you read this but if you do please respond

    So on your channel my favourite song is "Friends" (The Fanmade song from the game "The witches house")But it was 7 years ago since you upload the video i wish you could resing the song again since you singing has improved.I like to hear it again in your beautiful voice🥰

  3. Its great but why haven't you been uploading and I've never played animal crossing or seen anyone play it but my favorite song of all time is smoke and mirrors I love it because I can relate to it and I'm a yandere and I love yandere's I listen to smoke and mirrors on loop for hours so can you make more songs like smoke and mirrors

  4. It's awesome you felt inspired enough to make a solo music box! 🎵

    It's okay you haven't unlocked the concerts yet! Everyone goes at their own pace and has a different amount of time to play.

    I'm not sure about my favorite K.K. Slider song but K.K. Bubblegum, Space K.K., Forest Life, K.K Stroll, K.K. Sonata, and Aloha K.K. are most/all of my favorites! Forest Life sounds like a music box somewhat already, haha. Yes, I've been able to play the game, K.K. Slider music, and concerts!

    I'm sure a lot of people are behind you too. Everyone has their pace! A lot of people have a lot of extra time to play because of the Coronavirus. You'll have your super cute island someday! A lot of people rushing/going at a fast pace will probably burn out from the game. People can play it how they want, but it was designed to be a chill, relaxing game, and trying to play very different from that has a pretty decent chance to make for a not as good of an experience for them than if they had played at a slower rate.

    I have furniture and stuff I can share with you and any others reading this!

  5. AHHH! One of my favorite K.K. Slider songs in music box form from my favorite music artist! Niiiicccceeee! It sounds so lovely and sweet, holy crap. 💗

  6. This is super sweet! Throughout all the years I’ve followed you, you’ve never disappointed me! I’m glad you continue to create amazing content for us all!! 💕💕

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